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Gary Spencer
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Bowen Therapy is a holistic and multidimensional approach to pain and healing that has achieved remarkable results over the past 50 years.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic system of healing that incorporates a range of treatments and natural therapies, with the underlying belief that your body is able to fight infection and disease itself, given the right support. Naturopathic Medicine is very safe and highly effective in treating long term, chronic conditions as well as common illnesses and symptoms. The real causes of poor health are identified and corrected, often providing dramatic results where other treatments may have failed.

Naturopathy aims to:
  • Minimise symptoms
  • Support the body’s vital force (its capacity to self-heal)
  • Re-balance the system so that illness is less likely to occur in the future
  • Education to better look after your own health and that of your family.

What happens in a naturopathic consultation?

During your initial one hour naturopathic consultation, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your health, which may include iridology, medical history and examination, zinc testing, tongue and fingernail examination and dietary analysis. HealthScope testing can be performed as required. After a thorough case history, careful examination, clinical testing if required and health education we work with you to design a step by step, practical treatment program. Treatments are tailored to your individual needs, budget and readiness to make changes. We coach and encourage you every step of the way, addressing the underlying causes of poor health using healthy diet, lifestyle changes and the highest quality, evidence based natural medicines.

Follow up consultations are relaxed 30 min sessions.

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Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Diploma of Bowen therapy, Diploma of Remedial Massage, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Acredited Teacher of International School of Bowen Therapy.

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